Ana Setiani, Asti Putri Kartiwi, Heni Wulandari


This paper is the result of research and development applied in 3 stages of research, namely preliminary stage, small group trial, and last field test. The introductory stage includes the analysis of teaching materials through literature studies; designing and developing compilation materials; validating teaching materials by two experts; and the revision of unity. The small group trial includes a limited test of ten students selected randomly as the sample of the product tested and secondrevision. The method used in the second stage is a single experiment of one shot case study. Field test phase includes the use of product materials conducted on 30 students of subjects matrix algebra course academic year 2016/2017 at Mathematics Education Program ofMuhammadiyahUniversity of Sukabumi. This field test uses prototype development. The instruments used in this research are the observation sheet, validation sheet, interview guide, the material performance appraisal sheet, and the description test.The validation result of two experts indicates that the matrix algebra course compilation module is in clear category and the aspect for the validity and validity of the valid category. Semester study plan, interview guide, student activity observation sheetare considered as valid category, the success of student learning activity belongs to successful category, practicability of compilation instructional material when viewed from the aspect of practicality including  in the category of practical, effectiveness, interest of students to compilation material, and student results, are better than learning usingprior teaching materials compilation. Therefore, the compilation of teaching materials developed meets the criteria of valid, practical, and effective use in learning.

Keywords: teachingmaterials, compilationmodule

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