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Al-Quran is the greatest miracle Allah SWT has revealed through the prophet Muhammad SAW as blessing and life guidance for Moslems. In Al-Quran, the revelation of God is composed as a complete and perfect guidance to manage various aspects of life. Therefore, the learning of Al-Quran is important in every level and unit of education, starting from elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school. Even the learning of AlQuran is necessarily given in early childhood education.It is known that early childhood education is often called the golden age because in this age, there is rapid growth and development in many aspects such as religious and moral values, physical motoric, cognitive, language, social-emotional, and art. The learning of AlQuran in early childhood is given so that children can read and memorize short verses of Al-Quran based on children’s learning ability and development. Children of early childhood have cognitive potential which needs to be developed and actualized. Nowadays, psychologists believe the presence of various forms of intelligence in human. Not only intellectual intelligence, but also other forms of intelligence such as spiritual and interpersonal intelligence. Howard Gardner and the other experts found some forms of intelligence which are possibly owned by human called multiple intelligence. One of the potentials owned by children of early childhood is verballinguistic intelligence, which is related to the sensitivity to sound, structure, meaning and function of words that emerges through the activity of talking, discussing, reading, and verbally communicating in general. This article elaborates several learning methods of Al-Quran at school and its characteristics including the learning method of Al-Quran for children of early childhood and the character of early childhood education.

Keywords: learning method, Al-Quran, early childhood education

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