The Mapping of Learning Outcomes of Course of Learning and Instruction based on Value of Struggle of Local Heroes Primary School Teacher Education Program

Siti Akbari, Dwi Anggraeni Siwi, Koko Prasetyo


The present study is intended to develop the mapping of learning outcomes of course of Learning and Instruction based on value of struggle of local (Sukoharjo) heroes consisting of one semester-learning outcomes and indicator matrix based on value of struggle of local heroes. To achieve the target, Thiagarajan’s (1974) development method was applied, which involves four stages: (1) define, (2) design, (3) develop, and (4) disseminate. Such model is known as 4-D (four D Model). The study in general aims at developing instructional equipment in course of Learning and Instruction based on value of struggle of local (Sukoharjo) heroes to build characters of students of Primary School Teacher Education, however, if focuses on the mapping of learning outcomes. Vision and mission of Universitas Veteran Bangun Nusantara Sukoharjo serve as bases of the mapping of instructional materials targeted in one semester. Students are expected to be able to describe the nature of Learning and Instruction, instructional development theories, factors influencing instruction, and characteristics of primary school instruction. Also, they are expected to be capable of making a variation of models of primary school instruction, constructing strategies in primary school instruction, creating media for primary school instruction, building instructional evaluation system, preparing e-learning, as well as integrating theories of primary school learning and instruction (C5, P4, A4).

Keywords: learning outcomes, instruction, and heroism

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Proceeding of The 2nd International Conference on Education (ICE)

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