Implementation of Problem Based Learning Model Assisted Media Stop Motion in Learning IPS Elementary School

Galih Yansaputra, Kusuma Kusuma


Abstract.The issue of social studies learning is an urgent problem and needs to be immediately sought for alternative problem solving to improve and improve the quality of social studies learning at SDN 2 Pangenjurutnegah. To overcome these learning problems, it is necessary to apply innovative learning models that can increase student motivation including teacher skills, student activities, and student learning outcomes that encourage active student involvement in learning. In addition, the learning process is expected to be systematic, comprehensive and integrated in the learning process towards maturity and success in life in society. This design in each cycle consists of planning (plan), implementation (act), observation (observ), and reflection (reflect). Data collection techniques used were observation, interviews and documentation studies. Based on the four cycles carried out, each indicator experienced a consistent increase. When the media stopmotion is displayed students show concern for the material, then the curiosity and the emergence of pleasure can be seen when students work on the task. This shows that the problem based learning model assisted by stopmotion can improve student learning skills.


Keyword: PBL, Stop Motion, Motivation

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