To Improve the Learning result of students in the Gasoline Motor charging Systems Subject by the Think Pair Share Learning Methods

Teguh Susanto, Widyatmoko Widyatmoko, Arif Susanto


Abstract.This study aims: 1) to find out the learning process of the current gasoline motor charging system in the classroom; 2) to determine the effect of student learning result after using the TPS (Think Pair Share) learning method on the gasoline motor charging system subject at the Cipta Karya Prembun Vocational School.This research is a Classroom Action Research (CAR) in the class XI TKR A of SMK Cipta Karya Prembun which amounted to 32 students. The instruments in this study are multiple-choice written test questions used at the end of each cycle. The data analysis technique used in this study is a descriptive analysis. Descriptive analysis results show that through the application of Think Pair Share (TPS) learning models can increase the percentage of completeness of student learning results. Based on the result of the written test showing an increase in student learning result, it was proven that in the pre-cycle the average score of 62.66 with completeness of 9.38% increased to an average of 68.13 with completeness of 31.25% in cycle I and increased again became an average of 79.38 with 87.5% completeness in cycle II. Thus it can be concluded that applying the learning method of TPS (Think Pair Share) can improve the learning result of class XI students of TKR A SMK Cipta Karya Prembun.


Keywords: Learning Method TPS (Think Pair Share), Learning Outcomes.

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