Oktariani Oktariani, Reny Risdiany


Talking about education, it must be included the students and teachers as the core component in the world of education itself. Many researchers took the investigation in making education improve in the aspect of transferring knowledge and making the students become better in the real-life relationship. Many things that should be considered to reach that desires. It is impossible when we want to make students become good ones but the teachers do not give the best model when its teaching and learning process occurs. Teacher as a leader in the classroom supposed to have a style in order students find the belief that they can do something good. To have some styles in leading the classroom, a teacher should have some skills can support to fill the role of leadership. There are three main approaches that the teachers can adopt in the classroom they lead, they are: teacher research as leadership; models of distributive leadership; leadership of team.This paper tries to discuss the approaches of teacher leadership style that the teacher may use in the classroom. Hopefully, by implementing an approach the teaching and learning process can be more effective to reach the good improvement.

Keywords: approach, leadership style, classroom

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Proceeding of The 2nd International Conference on Education (ICE)

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