Error Analysis in DescriptiveText of Junior High School Students in order to find out the Best Teaching Material

Fitri Alfarisy


This study investigated common English language errors made by eighth grade studentsofSMPN3Kroya,Cilacap.The study examined errors in a corpus of 34descriptive texts by 34students.The errors were identified and classified into six categories.The method of the study is descriptive quantitative method through analyzing the errors .The aim of the study is to identify the common errors made by students in writing descriptive text so the teacher and the material developer can be wiser and carefully in choosing the material.The studentsgiventheme about my pet and asked to write one descriptive text, then their results were analyzed. Based on the result, the four most common errors committed by the participants were tenses,wordorder, articles and spelling.This study is important for the educators,the teacher and thematerial developer whose should realize the kind of errors made.They can be wiser inteaching ordeveloping the materials for the students. For the students,they knew their errors and their difficulty in writing.

Keywords:Erroranalysis,Descriptive text,writing

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