Umi Rahmawati


Curriculum is the subjects comprising a course of study in a school or college. Or to simplify, curriculum is a guideline of theoretical study which is applied practically. It must be correct if curriculum is the design of how the teaching-learning will be conducted that is usually made by lecturers. However, there must be some different opinions from one lecture with another lecturer dealing with what approach is suitable.  This study aims to know which approach is better in designing curriculum for language learners in Higher Education and the importance of lecturer’s role in designing it. By using qualitative method,  the writer collected the data by giving questionnaire to some lecturers that were involved as curriculum designers.

Keywords: approaches in curriculumdesign, lecturers' perspective, languagelearners in highereducation, lecturer’s role.

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Proceeding of The 2nd International Conference on Education (ICE)

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