Sri Hertanti Wulan, Avi Meilawati


This research aims to improve the learning process and writing skill in writing research proposal with the technique of the think-pair-share on courses nyerat scientific papers for 4th semester students of Javanesse Language Education Department.  Research method applied is the class action. Class action research used in this study aims to improve the ability of students of Javanesse Language Education Department in writing research proposal that is still low. The data collection technique used are observation, interview, and written test of research proposal. Data are analyzed with qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis technique. The succesfull criteria seen by the process and product. The product success that will be measured is based on the improvement of learning process in the better way. The product success will be measured by the indicator of success and the score of students which is better.Process improvement in this action class research can be seen from the activity of the students in learning. The behaviour of the students include social behaviour which is confidence. In the time of learning in writing the research proposal text toward technique integration of think-pair-share, students look more enthusiastic and more confident. In the process of writing, students are more focustheir work and more independent. The improvement of learning product is in the form of score. The improvement measured by theexercise on writing proposal text. Enhancement products seen on the increasing score of the students from the pre-test to the cycle II. On the pre action stage only 2 students reach indicators, cycle I achieved by 10 students, and cycle II achieved by 17 students. Overall, the improvement can be seen in the increase in the average value of a research proposal writing pre-action to the cycle II. An increase can also be seen in the increase in the average value of a research proposal writing pratindakan to the cycle II. The value of the average pratindakan rara 64.35, cycle I 74.95, and cycle II 80.70.

key words: improved writing skills, techniques, think-pair-share

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