Rini Estiyowati Ikaningrum


For English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students, reading novel seems tiring and boring since there are hundred pages and many difficult words in it. Students tend to read simplified version better than the original text. That is why students often miss the detailed information which are stated in the novel. From that problems, the writer will choose the novel that can be read digitally. It is more effective since the activity of reading electronic novel can be done anytime and anywhere. Besides, the reluctant students are also helped with this electronic novel because they only need free internet access in campus area to get the materials. From the observation, it can be seen that boring situation in the classroom is changed into interactive activity since the story in the novel become alive. The aim of the study is to portray students’ activity perform in reading class context. The objective of the study will give description on how students read the novel. This qualitative study focuses on investigating the phenomena of a specific case. Therefore a case study is selected as the method of the study. Finding of the study emphasizes on classroom description while participating in reading novel activity.

Keywords: EFL, reading novel, boring, electronic novel.

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