Application of Standard Setting across All Muhammadiyah Senior High Schools Located In Bantul District

Martin Iryayo, Jahidatu Lis Silmi I’la Alhaq


This research mainly aimed at Establishing and evaluating performance standards for 11th graders on English test. Within the main purpose, the focus will be put on the determination of real cut score and classification of examinees based on their level of English content mastery. The study involved descriptive research with a cross-sectional survey.  The study consisted of 243 students from all nine high schools based in Bantul district, the latter were determined by using total population sampling. Documentation was the prioritized data collection method whereby each student’s answer was recorded. The research was conducted on 25th May through 10th July 2017. The data were analyzedby using a statistical software called TAP so as to obtain probability for each item and the scores of participants, both are in percentages. For partial cut score determination for Bantul, Imogiri, Kasihan, Piyungan, Prelet, and Sewon high schools, were 75.5, 46, 46, 56, 61, and 74.5, respectively.The overall cut score is 58.5 whereby 167 students out of 243 were below. Hence, 11th graders from all Muhammadiyah senior high schools settled in Bantul showed low level of English lesson content mastery.

Keywords:Standard setting, cut score, content mastery, cross-sectional survey

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