English for multicultural society integrated to ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Sudar

Dr. Sudar


Multicultural society is natural phenomena in our life. Most of society has its own language. To
integrate the society community, it is needed to use a universal language to make all the speakers
around the level of society understand well the issues of discussion whether in local, regional,
national or International community. In the local society, language speakers used their own
language to communicate among of them, language speakers of regional level mostly used their
own dialect to run the communication smoothly. National language usually used by the language
speakers to unity the societies in thus nation, for example, Bahasa Indonsia is used nationally in
Indonesia among of the speakers from different Inlands. Even they have their own dialect, or
local language, Indonesian language speakers are able to speak Bahasa Indonesia.
Internationally, people speak English as a mean of communication. Further, now we are in the
era of ASEAN Economic Community. The question is? What is a language officially used in
ASEAN community to run any activities such as, culture, education, economic, politic, etc.? The
writer assumes that English mostly used by any people from ASEAN countries, particularly in
the formal context.

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