Veronica Sri Lestari, Djoni Prawira Rahardja, Rachman Hakim


Indigenous chicken has an important role in fulfilling the demand for animal protein. The aim of this research was to analyze gender in maintenance of indigenous chicken. The research was located in Sinjai regency, South Sulawesi province, Indonesia as a case study. Sample of this research was choosed through purposive sampling. There was 25 farmers from Bulupodo and East Sinjai districts. The data were collected through observation and deep interview using questionnaire. Variable of this research consisted of the role, access, control and benefit on rising indigenous chicken in their farms. Gutman scale was used to answer the question. If the answer was YES, the score was 1, but if the answer was NO, the score was 0. The data were analyzed descriptively by using frequency distribution. The result of this research revealed that the maintenance of indigenous chicken was mostly dominated by men. Therefore, women should be given opportunity to get training and extension.

Key words: farms, gender, indigenous chicken, maintenance

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