Hubungan Karakter Wirausaha dengan Kinerja Ekonomi Industri Rumahtangga Pangan Olahan Ketela di Gunungkidul

Triwara Buddhi Satyarini, Sutrisno Sutrisno


The study aims to determine the character of the entrepreneurs and analyzed its relationship with business performance of food processed from cassava in Gunungkidul.To find out the entrepreneurial character with descriptive analysis based on data assessed with Liekert‟s scales and to determine the relationship between entrepreneurial character business performance is analyzed with corellation analysis. The results of the analysis are that: the Entrepreneur have a spirit highly and independently in running a business Based on analysis of productivity, cost, revenue, net revenue and profit, this business is feasible. Variable of networking character, especialy the indicator of entrepreneur cluster act and finance institution act, have a significant positive correlation with productivity. And then networking and perceptive and creatif to face changing character are influece to profitThe extrovert character of entrepruner exactly have the negative correlation with the feasibility of production. The entrepreneur which have the high openness about new concerning, high mobility, exactly their effort is not yet efficient, with the result that needed guidance.

Key words: Entrepreneurial Character , business performance, the micro firm of food made

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