Enhancing English Language Teaching-Learning in Industrial Revolution 4.0: Method, Strategy, and Assessment

English Language Education


whether or not it is applicable to be used to teach in certain education atmosphere especiallyin vocational high school (SMK). Moreover, most of the English materials taught in SMK tend to practical term in accordance with the competencies they have. The researcher found that the students in SMK Ma’arif 4 Kebumen got problem in speaking, especially inarranging words to be spoken. In this case, he wants to apply Inside-Outside Circle Technique to help the students overcome their problem. Furthermore, statistically he also wants to know whether the use of IOC Technique effective or not to teach speaking. Byapplying pre-test post-test quasi experimental design and employing X TKRO B asexperimental group and X TKRO A as control group, the researcher did a series of researchfrom pre-test, giving them a number of treatment, and post-test. By using oral test as itsinstrument, the researcher got the data and from the data, it is known that the mean score ofexperimental group is better than control group (83.25 > 76.75). Furthermore, after havingstatistical computation, it is known that z value is higher than z table (2.645 > 1.96).Therefore, it can be concluded that the use of Inside Outside Circle in teaching speaking skillat the tenth grade students of SMK Ma’arif 4 Kebumen is effective.

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